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Please Sign Up for NBCI Sickle Cell Volunteers

Please sign up for NBCI Sickle Cell Volunteers
sickle cell volunteers and staff
NBCI continues to secure multitudes of volunteers to ensure that everyone who is living with sickle cell and their families are protected.

In fact, NBCI Vows to Raise 25,000 Volunteers and Volunteer Sickle Cell Educator Trainers so our churches and congregation will have a dedicated Health Corps Volunteer to provide education, resources and support to those who have Sickle Cell Disease.
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Current News
Rev. Anthony Evans, President of National Black Church Initiative is taking 600 ministers to the Capitol Hill to educate the Congress about the importance of passing the Comprehensive Sickle Cell Bill.
Read our letter to President Biden in support of the Sickle Cell Disease Comprehensive Care Act (H.R. 6216/S.3389), the Sickle Cell Care Expansion Act (H.R. 7177/S.4425), and the Sickle Cell Disease Treatment Centers Act of 2022.
Taking the five-question survey
NBCI Sickle Cell Health Survey and Census of NBCI Churches
The purpose of this five-question survey is to gain understanding of the health concerns of our sickle cell patients, warriors, and families. We also need to find out how the number of members in our congregations have the sickle cell disease, trait, and any other related blood issues.
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Words have power - tell your story
Submit your story
Celebrate what you’ve created, inspire other sickle cell warriors, and tell the world your story.
Read inspiring stories from Sickle Cell warriors across the world Tell Your Stor
  • Writing about your emotions can help you to feel better mentally and physically.
  • A small gesture can turn somebody's day around, and even save their life.
  • Big or small, your story matters.
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Monthly Sickle Cell Warrior
Tayo Togba Tayo Togba Founder, Selfish Joy
Tayo is Co-owner and COO of JHC Healcare a family In-Home Healthcare service.
"Ms Togba founded an organization called Selfish Selfcare, an organization committed to helping others gain knowledge of the importance of self care of the mind, body, and, soul while dealing with chronic illness while normalizing conversations about Mental Health. At birth she was diagnosed with Sickle Cell Beta Thal, it inspired her wellness journey and inspired her to pour back into the sickle cell community.

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Sickle Cell Treatments and Management
People with sickle cell disease can live full lives and enjoy most of the activities that other people do. The following tips will help you, or someone you know with sickle cell disease stay as healthy as possible.

Link to Sickle Cell Treatments and Management page
Test early for sickle cell
Prospective Sickle Cell Cures
New clinical research studies are happening all the time to find better treatments and, hopefully, a cure for Sickle Cell Disease. People who participate in these studies might have access to new medicines and treatment options.

Link to Prospective Cures for Sickle Cell page
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