NBCI Sickle Cell Volunteers

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sickle cell volunteers and staffNBCI continues to secure multitudes of volunteers to ensure that everyone who is living with sickle cell and their families are protected.

In fact, NBCI Vows to Raise 25,000 Volunteers and Volunteer Sickle Cell Educator Trainers so our churches and congregation will have a dedicated Health Corps Volunteer to provide education, resources and support to those who have Sickle Cell Disease.
Please Give to the NBCI $5 Campaign for 2023-2024
Our goal is $250,000. Please make a small contribution of only $5.00, so that the National Black Church Initiative may continue our exciting programs and initiatives!
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Become a Warrior in the Fight Against Sickle Cell become a Trainer of Trainers
The Trainer of Trainers seminar is designed to identify individuals in our congregation who want to become volunteer educators on sickle cell disease. Trainers will work in conjunction with all of the Sickle Cell organizations in the United States and provide technical support, education and offer assistance in outreach. This corps of members will be our primary source in the Black Church to assist the Sickle Cell organizations in carrying out its tasks within their state.