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The National Black Church Initiative Financial Literacy Program
Teaching African Americans to Budget, Save and Plan for the FutureNational Black Church Initiative Financial Literacy Program
NAACP Opportunity & Diversity Report Card
The Consumer Banking Industry

During this period of high unemployment and declining wealth, which is even more pronounced for African Americans and other people of color, Americans need living wage jobs with long-term career tracks. Given these dire economic circumstances, the NAACP is investigating the diversity and inclusion for industries with the greatest potential to influence job creation and wealth building in our Opportunity and Diversity Report Card. Opportunity- The Consumer Banking Industry

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Why Don't More Financial Advisors Look Like Lazetta Braxton"? - How to Address the Industry's Race Problem

Why Don't More Financial Advisors Look Like Lazetta Braxton"? - How to Address the Industry's Race Problem More black families are entering the economic mainstream, have more income and are saving for college and retirement.... They need advice and [the financial services industry] is passing up millions of dollars by not reaching out to them. -Rev. Anthony Evans

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The African American Financial Experience

The African American Financial Experience
2015-2016 Prudential Research

African American Consimer 2013 Report

African American Consumer 2013 Report

Financial Literacy

NBCI Mission Statement Concerning Personal and Business Finance

Over the past eight years the Black community has experienced what amounts to an economic tsunami. Billions of dollars have left the Black community through the foreclosure crisis, the devaluing of existing homes owned by African Americans, the devaluing of African American retirement plans and 401Ks and the loss of employment and business opportunities. We will focus our energy on learning how to build wealth and manage it. We will provide actionable information on municipal bonds, stocks, savings, currency investment, insurance and other wealth building tools.

The aim is overcoming the complexity of understanding, handling and working with money. For the first time in our history of over 400 years, the Black church is determined to educate and empower African Americans on how to handle money. We have created two main vehicles to get this done.
  • NBCI Online Money Course
  • NBCI Money Course is a take on Finance 101. Its curriculum will make money management easy to understand, and break course material down into adjustable time frames spanning from either six months up to three years. These Money courses will cover NBCI's Spending Program fundamental principles and give students the tools they need to feel confident and financially literate.

    Minorities especially African Americans and Latinos, will be encouraged to enroll. Over the course students will be given an NBCI Money Booklet alongside other relatable and accessible course texts

    Here is an example of the topics we plan to cover in the money course https://www.naltblackchurch.com/finance/personal.html

  • NBCI Money Booklet
  • The NBCI Money Booklet, currently in publication, is both unique
    and effective in that it knows its audience. A thoughtful and comprehensive layout allows individuals and families to get a complete picture of their assets and liabilities in an easy-to-read, uninimidating format

    Having their financial scorecard at their fingertips will give users a sense of control over their money and encourage smart financial decisions. NBCI's Money Booklet will consist of information including but not limited to - salaries, tax status, insurance, stocks and other relevant financial data.
Both of these will be available at the beginning of 2015, but you can sign up for the money course today by e-mailing dcbci2002@gmail.com.

See our full statement "A Note on the Current Recession: The Game Has Changed".
Strategy on Wealth Building

Strategy on Wealth Building

The National Black Church Initiative (NBCI), a faith-based coalition of 34,000 churches comprised of 15 denominations and 15.7 million African Americans, has taken great care over the last three years to evaluate our members' understanding of financial literacy issues including stock markets, wealth building strategies and investment techniques. To date, we have conducted two major surveys across a broad spectrum of 50,000 members to evaluate their knowledge of financial topic and participation in critical wealth-building activities.
Strategy on Wealth Building

Comprehensive Financial Literacy Program - 12 Steps for Financial Health

This outline details the National Black Church Initiative's (NBCI) Comprehensive Financial Literacy Program, which will provide critical education and outreach to help its 34,000 churches and 15.7 million members. NBCI's groundbreaking program will give African American families the confidence and tools they need to navigate their finances and manage their money. Every African American - and their family - deserves sound financial education.
Black Church Consumer Index Survey Project (BCCIS) cover

Black Church Consumer Index Survey Project (BCCIS)

The National Black Church Initiative's (NBCI) Black Church Consumer Index Survey (BCCIS) is an innovative tool to track and analyze up-to-date data covering our membership's interactions with the market place. BCCIS enables NBCI to better understand the behaviors and patterns corresponding to a wide array of products and issues across our 34,000 churches and 15.7 million members.

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