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Seven Steps - Raising Healthy Children Raising Healthy Children: A Guide for African American Families
American Academy of Pediatrics and The Congress of National Black Churches

NFL player Ronde Barber, photographer Shari Belafonte, and former Surgeon General David Satcher, MD offer 7 steps for learning, nutrition, regular exercise, and more.
The Health Benefits of Fruits and Vegetables: A Scientific Overview The research behind eating more fruits and vegetables
The Black Church and the Importance of Good Nutrition
What the black church needs to
say to its congregations
about good nutrition.
How Science-based and Community-based
Organizations May
Work with the
Black Church

Producing Effective
Health Promotion
and Policy Initiatives
NBCI Declares WAR on Tobacco, Smoking and Tobacco
African American
Leaders Call on
Tobacco Industry
to Stop Targeting
Their Community

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Spirituality, Health and Healing
Spirituality and Medicine: Can the Two Work Together?

Spirituality and Medicine: Can the Two Walk Together?

Glenda F. Hodges, PhD, JD, MDiv and Harold B. Betton, MD, PhD
Spirituality and Medicine: can the two walk together, summarizes the Howard University Hospital's Seminar Series on Spirituality and Medicine over a ten-year period, from 1998-2007. It meticulously presents a compelling discussion through five chapters which summarize such titles as, Perspectives on death and dying, The spiritual side of medicine: the art and science of healing, The power of faith and the use of prayer, Renewing the mind and its impact on health and The scientific and spiritual aspects of the soul.

The foundation for the discussion is grounded in the history of medicine and cultural anthropology and is explicated in a "reader friendly" fashion throughout the text. As the discussion integrates various aspects of the union of spirituality and medicine, helpful tools are provided that shed light on relevant legal and scientific issues concerned with end of life care. The book includes a glossary of terms that is very helpful to the reader.

The scientific information presented is based upon fact and the standards of medical research as published in peer-reviewed journals. Additionally, many testimonials attesting to the connection of spirituality and health and the first-hand knowledge of physicians and clergy experiencing this connection are also included. The language, content and context of this book are designed in such a way as to appeal to readers from all walks of life and leave them with the resounding conclusion that spirituality and health have always and shall continue, to walk together.