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Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) Educational Videos

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Health Emergency Declaration (HED) COPD Health Sermon

The COPD Health Message delivered at Zion Baptist Church in Baltimore, MD on April 15, 2012 by Health Ministry leader Phillip Wilson.

NBCI COPD Baltimore Kick-off Event and Press Conference

COPD Shuttle: Journey to the Center of the Lungs

NBCI launches “To Stay in the Game, Maintain Your Frame” campaign with Novartis

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Health Emergency Declaration (HED)

nbci launches a chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (copd) educational campaign with boehringer ingelheim

NBCI Proudly Announces the Kick-Off
of an Innovative COPD Education Program
Reverend Anthony Evans, NBCI President
Message from the President

The National Black Church Initiative (NBCI), a faith-based coalition of 34,000 churches comprised of 15 denominations and 15.7 million African Americans, proudly partners with Boehringer-Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals to bring a COPD Screener Survey, a ground-breaking COPD screening tool, to fifty churches in Baltimore, Maryland starting November 15, 2011.  A press conference announcing this exciting program was held on Tuesday, November 15, at First Apostolic Faith Institutional Church in Baltimore, Maryland.

As a leader in the faith-based community, NBCI has undertaken the momentous mission of re-designing the paradigm of health education for African Americans.  As a result of over 20 years of experience and years of research on chronic diseases and racial disparities NBCI has created the Health Emergency Declaration (HED) Initiative, a seven year programmatic approach. NBCI is proud to partner with Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc, a respected leader in the pharmaceutical industry — a company that prides itself in ‘value through innovation’.  This innovative spirit is what led them to a unique partnership with NBCI to reach the faith-based community to impart critical wellness information on a disease affecting Americans in epidemic proportions — COPD.

COPD, short for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, is a general term used to describe lung diseases including emphysema, chronic bronchitis, or both. Given that there is no cure for COPD, information on strategies, diagnosis, treatment and disease management becomes critical.  More than 12 million Americans have been diagnosed with COPD, and it is estimated that another 12 million people likely have the disease but don’t even know it.  African Americans are disproportionally affected with COPD, especially African American men — 1,823 Maryland residents died from COPD in 2005, ranking the state the 27th highest in COPD mortality in the U.S.1 — underscoring the need for immediate action.

NBCI’s COPD Screening Survey responds to this need by identifying at risk individuals, educating participants on warning signs, screening for COPD symptoms, and providing educational resources for professional medical attention.

Rev. Anthony Evans, President of NBCI says, “NBCI is proud to announce the kick-off of this Health Emergency Declaration (HED) COPD Initiative in Baltimore, Maryland. The first stage of this initiative is to conduct a COPD Screening Survey in 50 churches in Baltimore, Maryland to cull necessary information from our congregants.  In the second stage, 12 churches will participate in a 12-week COPD Education Seminar — a more intensive program to reach those in the African American community affected by COPD.  Finally, we will conduct a Trainer-of-Trainers amongst health officials in Baltimore to properly diagnose and manage COPD.”

COPD Training and Educational Materials
National Black Church Initiative and
Boehringer Ingelheim COPD Health Project .ppt [2.9mb]

The National Black Church Initiative (NBCI) and Boehringer-Ingeiheim Pharmaceuticals (BI) partnered to implement a 12-week program in Baltimore, MD, highlighting the lack of prevention services against Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), the fourth leading cause of death in the African-American community.

NBCI COPD Baltimore Initiative Project Outline .ppt [716kb]

Outline of the NBCI HED Strategy; of education that empowers one to act upon their new knowledge based insight of COPD. The outline also explains "Why Baltimore?" and the multi-week education campaign covering every major aspect of COPD throughout all of the participating churches in the Baltimore, MD area.

COPD Demonstration Project
  • COPD Demonstration Project in Baltimore.pdf [6mb]
    This document lists in detail The National Black Church Initiative Twelve-Week COPD Demonstration Project in Baltimore, Maryland. The narrative and statistical data illustrates the enormous success of the HED Innovative Health Model when it is applied to the COPD Demonstration Project and the the successful application of the HED model.

    The participating churches congregational data underscores the effectiveness of the HED model and reveals an extraordinary picture concerning its health composition.
  • Health Emergency Declaration (HED) COPD Health Sermon .pdf [60kb]
    Consistent with HED, we will recruit a member of the Congregational-Based Health Volunteer Corps to give this health sermon. This will be a five-minute sermon before the congregation. The pastor will introduce the member of the volunteer corps. There will be a religious introduction in order to grab people's attention.
  • COPD Training and Educational Materials
    NBCI's Training and Educational Materials are a series of Powerpoint presentations covering identification of at risk individuals, education on COPD warning signs, screening for COPD symptoms, and resources for locating professional medical attention.
  • NBCI Health Note - “What is COPD?” .pdf [344kb]
    The NBCI Health Note expands on the subject of COPD in a greater depth than the "COPD Health at a Glance" and includes:
    • COPD Risk Factors
    • Dealing with Weather Changes
    • Topics for Discussion with Your Doctor
NBCI Partners With Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc. to Save Lives