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NBCI Seeks Newly Diagnosed Men and Women Breast Cancer Patients Who Are Members of Our Churches

Image of two women, one older, one younger and more athletic We would like to inform you of a study for men and women with breast cancer using Ribociclib (Kisqali) and Letrozole (Femara), two drugs that are already approved by the FDA (the US Food and Drug Administration). This combination of drugs is available on the market for certain breast cancer patients, but is still considered experimental for others. This study is called CompLEEment-1 (protocol number CLEE011A2404).

How the Public Learned About the Infamous Tuskegee Syphilis Study

In this 1950's photo released by the National Archives, a nurse writes on a vial of blood taken from a participant in a syphilis study in Tuskegee, Ala. As the fight over reforms to the American health-care system continues this week, Tuesday marks the 45th anniversary of a grim milestone in the history of health care in the U.S.

On July 25, 1972, the public learned that, over the course of the previous 40 years, a government medical experiment conducted in the Tuskegee, Ala., area had allowed hundreds of African-American men with syphilis to go untreated so that scientists could study the effects of the disease.
Health Emergency Declaration (HED)

Clinical Trials

Dear BIO Members,

BIO hosted a webinar on Monday, December 2nd which included a presentation by the National Black Church Initiative (NBCI) titled "Creating a New Path Toward Clinical Trials In the African American Community Utilizing a Faith-Based Scientific Approach". The webinar was recorded for Members' convenience, to listen please access the following link: https://register.gotowebinar.com/recording/8876528198617224449 and the slides from the presentation are attached.

Download the documnent here.

Image of Clinical Trials cover

As a reminder, the NBCI is a coalition of 34,000 African American faith communities who also have additional access of up to 150,000 faith communities. This constitutes 26.7 million African American church goers. With this demographic pool, the NCBI has access to every health concern in the African American community. The National Black Church Initiative Southern Clinical Strategy is an innovative attempt to reduce the African American community into a clinical zone for the explicit purpose of improving health disparities through clinical trial participation. NBCI is trying to encourage African Americans to participate in clinical trials in all areas of concerns and also provide clinical researchers the necessary data as a means of improving health outcomes. NBCI wants to do this with clinical and scientific partners and through the NBCI Clinical Trials Education Awareness and Participation Program.

If you have any questions for Rev. Evans, the NBCI President, or Dr. Evelyn Lewis please contact them at dcbci2002@gmail.com.


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