Cain Hope Felder, Ph.D. Professor and Author Gives His Endorsement of the National Black Church Initiative Methodology Approach

Dr. Cain Hope Felder, Ph.D.
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Reverend Evans has benn recognized by Aetna Health Insurance company as an individual moving health and wellness messages to the forefront.

aetnacalendar-img For 30 years, Aetna has celebrated African American history through the publication of its African American History Calendar.

This calendar celebrates remarkable individuals who have dedicated their lives to inspiring and empowering others to spend time taking care of their minds, bodies and spirit.

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Rev. Anthony Evans Bio - Brief History of The National Black Church Initiative

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Rev. Evans at Mt. Zion Baptist Church
Rev. Evans Associate Pastor at Mt. Zion Baptist Church
Rev. Evans preaching at Mt. Zion Baptist Church
Rev. Evans with Pastor John W. Davis, Sr. Pastor at Mt. Zion Baptist Church
Rev. Evans in front of Mt. Zion Baptist Church
Rev. Evans in front of Mt. Zion Baptist Church with church youth